Savencia Unveils Products Emphasizing Quality and Renewal at 6thCIIE


Shanghai, China, November 5th to 10th, 2023 — The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened its doors in Shanghai, and SavenciaSaveurs&Spécialité, the global food group, made a reappearance at the 6thExpo with a lineup of renowned brands includingElle & VireProfessionnel, Valrhona, Milkana, Corman, Joyhana, Adamance, Lescure and Ile de France.Collectively these brands demonstrated a unique food inspiration and gourmet experience in the Chinese market through their advanced solutions. 


Leading the Way to Better Food

With the emergence of a new generation of consumers,the "boutique wave" in the food and beverage industry is evolving into a broader trend. Upgraded ingredients, sustainability, creative & funexperiences, and technological advancements have become buzzwords of the moment. Savencia remains committed to its vision of "Leading the Way to Better Food", staying true to its initial product philosophy, and recognizing the future landscape and potential of the market, all while emphasizing health, joy, and innovation.


Valrhona, a chocolate brand with a century of heritage, has once again expanded its product range by introducing the first Ombré couverture chocolate, "Hukambi 53%," showcasing the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence. This chocolate series adheres to a minimalist recipe, comprising only five premium ingredients: Brazilian cocoa beans, brown sugar, cocoa butter, French full-fat milk powder, and Madagascar vanilla.This combination creates a pure and unparalleled flavor sensation that delights the palate with its smooth and luxurious texture.


Furthermore, Valrhona’s selection brandAdamance, has collaborated with experienced fruit cultivators and producers to introduce new flavors of bergamot and yuzu puree.These purees contain 100% fruit, 0% added sugar and 0% additives. Adamance ensures traceability and the impeccable quality of fruit by working with professional fruit growers. The brand is committed to maintaining sustainable agriculture and bringing healthy, high-quality, delicious fruits purees to consumers.



In the food industry, Savencia is dedicated to innovation and meeting diverse market demands with high-quality products. At the Expo, Savencia showcased its star products, including well-known brands like Elle & VireProfessionnel, Valrhona, Milkana, Corman, Joyhana, Adamance, Lescure, and Ile de France. Elle & Vire Professionnel, originating from Normandy, France, has been developing its unique and unrivalled dairy know-how and offers high-quality, distinctive products loved by global chefs. Corman, famous for its butter-making techniques, earned the trust of numerous chefs with its aromatic and creamy butter blocks.Additionally, Savencia's new dairy brand, Joyhana, introduced its UHT Whipped Cream, made from high-quality milk from Canterbury, New Zealand, with a rich milk flavor and light texture.The product exhibits remarkable stability and good whipping rate, making them the ideal choice for pastry and desserts.A multitude of top-notch products align with Savencia's steadfast quest for perfection, ultimately serving as a vital catalyst for economic growth while propelling the entire industry towards advancement and fostering a culture of quality.


From Vision to Responsibility

"Over the past year, Savencia has been expanding its presence in China and achieving remarkable growth. In ChinaSavencialooks forward to collaborating with the food and beverage industry to explore further development opportunities.” Said Denis VERGNEAU, General Manager ofSinodis, the China subsidiary of Savencia.



As an international food group, Savencia not only provides high-quality service on a global scale but also operates with a long-term corporate vision of ‘Leading the Way to Better Food.’


Since 2017, Savencia's brands, Elle & VireProfessionneland Valrhona, have been the founding partners in supporting the China Pastry Cup. Furthermore, Elle & VireProfessionnel is proud to be the Main Partner for the 2025 World Pastry Cup(COUPE DU MONDE DE LA PATISSERIE) and thePlatinum Partner for the Bocuse d'Or 2023-2025. These partnerships allow Elle & Vire Professionneland Valrhona to better support restaurants and chefs in achieving their industry aspirations.



Adhering to the principles of environmental friendliness and traceable health, Savencia consistently gathers inspiration from top chefs worldwide to provide industry and market solutions.At the media event during CIIE, Lloyd HAMON, the brand ambassador for Adamance, with 22 years of experience and 17 years of deep immersion in the Chinese market, impressed consumers with two stunning desserts crafted using Savencia products. In the exquisite strawberry creation, HAMON used Adamance strawberry puree as the flavor base and artfully combined it with Adamance bergamot puree to create a unique fruity travel cake with an intense strawberry flavor, vibrant color, and a moist texture. In the yuzu mint chocolate creation, HAMON showcased his mastery of playful flavor combinations. The key flavor in this dessert comes from Adamance yuzu puree, which extracts the rich aromatic compounds, resulting in a complex and delicate tartness. Paired with rich dark chocolate and fresh mint, it delivers an even more intriguing taste experience.



Savencia is dedicated to fulfilling its social responsibility. Sinodis and BSI Food – both subsidiaries of Savencia – have been certified as the Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute for four consecutive years since 2020, emphasizing a strong focus on employee welfare and well-being. This commitment is reflected in fair compensation, career growth opportunities, safe workplaces, and comprehensive benefits. Savenciaactively encourages employee development, fostering exceptional talent for the industry and society, and embracing corporate social responsibility as a core value.

About Savencia

Savencia is an international, family-based, and independent food group with a long-term vision. The world over, Savenciadelivers high quality products and premium brands to meet consumer expectations and support gastronomy professionals.

The Group hires 25,212 employees around the world and sells products in 120 countries and regions with a net sales revenue of €7.2 billion.

Savencia Fromage and Dairy, a subsidiary of SavenciaSaveurs&Spécialités, is a major player in milk-processing and is a world-famous specialty cheese manufacturer.