Sinodis participates at Bakery China 2023 Advocating innovative bakery concepts


[Shanghai, May 23, 2023] On May 22, Bakery China 2023 kicked off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Qingpu, Shanghai. Sinodis, a subsidiary of global food group SAVENCIA in China, introduced a range of well-known brands including Valrhona, Elle & Vire Professionnel, Corman, Milkana, XIN YUE CHUN MU, Adamance and more. Key highlights of Sinodis’ participation included La Rose Noire, a renowned brand that has recently returned to market, XIN YUE CHUN MU, Hukambi by Valrhona, and Adamance.


In its second participation at Bakery China, Sinodis showcased new and innovative products, and contributes towards the company’s goal to bring innovative and health baking experiences to consumers.



A dominant return with a deep impression

As a world famous fine pastry and bakery goods brand, La Rose Noire made a fantastic display in reintroducing their products to the Chinese market. La Rose Noire is able to meet the needs of end consumers through its wide ranging product line and quality products in seven best-selling categories, including tart shells, baskets, ice cream cones, chocolate shells, macarons, bread, and Danish pastries. La Rose Noire has always been committed to pursuing the highest level of quality since its establishment, in line with the founder's passion for baked goods and his pursuit of excellence. The brand places great emphasis on product quality and attention to details, from strict ingredient selection to superb production techniques. Each and every product is handcrafted with the greatest care and respect, following original French bakery and pastry traditions.



Continuous innovation with originality

Another big highlight of this year’s participation was XIN YUE CHUN MU’s UHT whipping cream. This cream is made from premium milk sourced from Canterbury, New Zealand, with pure quality and a natural milk fragrances. Created with advanced production technology, the whipping cream performs remarkably well in terms of stability, whipping rate, and acid resistance, empowering bakers to create masterpieces for their consumers.


The century-old brand Valrhona also introduced a new product through its Hukambi chocolate. The name “Hukambi” is a combination of the words for black (“Hu”) and milk (“Kambi”) in Tupi-Guarani, a language spoken by indigenous peoples from Brazil’s Mata Atlantica, where the cocoa is sourced. Combined with French milk and Madagascan vanilla, Hukambi is the first Ombré couverture chocolate of Valrhona, with 53% powerful cocoa, offering a rich and balanced tasting experience.



Adamance Frozen Fruit Puree featuring 100% fruit, 0% added sugar and 0% additives was also on show, demonstrating its diversified flavors and philosophy of healthy food. The brand is known for its commitment to bringing high-quality and delicious fruits purees to consumers.



Preserving classics

These new product showcases were in addition to that of existing classic brands including Elle & Vire Professionnel®, Corman and Milkana. Elle & Vire Professionnel® originates from Normandy, France, where the natural terroir produces high quality milk. Thanks to modern dairy technology, chefs are equipped to explore a limitless world of possibilities in creative gastronomy and creative cuisine.


Corman, with its high-quality products and technical support, has contributed to numerous outstanding baking creations. One of its star products is Corman butter with a rich buttery aroma and excellent plasticity developed through its ingredients and refining technology.


Commenting on Sinodis second participation at Bakery China, Denis VERGNEAU, General Manager of Sinodis stated:"We are grateful for the platform provided by the organizers, which creates opportunities for direct engagement between Sinodis, distributors, and consumers. Through this exhibition, Sinodis is delighted to introduce the group's new brands and products, bringing innovative baking concepts in line with the rapidly evolving consumer demands in China. Sinodis also aims to convey its unwavering commitment to health and quality in the Chinese market. With our enduring efforts, we believe that Sinodis will provide industry partners and consumers with comprehensive and high-quality product choices, taking the China baking industry to new heights."


The Chinese market is constantly changing and maturing, leading to increasing standards and requirements in bakery consumption, ingredients, and recipes. For over twenty years, Sinodis has focused on meeting these changing market needs through its bakery, pastry, and desserts expertise. This expertise includes a Chef Studio team dedicated to providing complete solutions for the food industry. Going forward, Sinodis as an industry leader will continue to drive innovate solutions, responsible business practices, quality controls, and excellent customer service in the China market.



About Sinodis

Sinodis is the Bakery, Pastry and Dessert specialist in China Food Service.


As a professional solution provider, our mission is to inspire chefs and F&B professionals to create pleasurable moments. We provide full B2B2C solutions of quality products and services to our customers, through a combining direct and indirect via a network of partner wholesalers.


We have a strong portfolio of world renowned brands, supplying our customers with a comprehensive range of over 800 products covering dairy, pastry and semi-finished and finished products. With our multi-temperature controlled distribution hubs in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, we have over 3,000 points of direct sales all over China.


We are a happy, agile, efficient and committed Team that lives our corporate values of Drive for Excellence, Customer Satisfaction, Ownership, Trust and Positive Attitude.