La Rose Noire Returns to China Marketing Partnership with Sinodis Promoting High-quality Development of Frozen Bakery Industry



Shanghai, April 4, 2023


Sinodis, the subsidiary of global food group Savencia Fromage & Dairy in China, has partnered with world famousfine pastry and bakery goods brand La Rose Noire to reintroduce their products to the Chinese market. This collaboration aims to capitalize on the growing demand for frozen bakery products in the post-pandemic era and cater to diverse customer preferences through a broad range of high-quality product offerings, so as to foster the high-quality development of China's frozen bakery industry, and generate greater value for industry partners.


La Rose Noire, founded by celebrated Swiss pastry chef Gérard Dubois in Hong Kong in 1991, offers a range of high-quality hand-craftedfrozen bakery products. After over three decades of development, it has now grown into a globally acclaimed fine pastry and frozen bakery brand, supplying over 700 products to more than 57 countries across five continents. La Rose Noire is dedicated to innovation, launching 8-10 new products every year to meet the trends and evolving needs of the market, thus maintaining its significant position in the industry.



La Rose Noire has always been committed to pursuing the highest level of quality since its establishment, in line with the founder's passion for baked goods and his pursuit of excellence. The brand places great emphasis on product quality and attention to details, from strict ingredient selection to superb production techniques.


La Rose Noire insists on using high-quality ingredients in its production process, including yeast and flour from France, butter from France and Australia, fruit fillings and chopped almonds from the United States. All products are made entirely by hand without adding any palm oil, puff pastry margarine or artificial colorings, making sure the products are expertly crafted with a rich and flavorful taste.


In addition to its focus on product quality, La Rose Noire places great importance on sustainability and social responsibility. The brand has developed its signature product, the Single-Origin 69% Dark Chocolate, in Davao, a hundred-year-old traditional cocoa-growing region in the Philippines, to support local farmers and communities. La Rose Noire has also designed and developed biodegradable trays and green packaging to better protect the natural environment.



Denis VERGNEAU, General Manager of Sinodis, said: "Sinodis and La Rose Noire share a common business philosophy and pursue the same high standard of quality. We are delighted to partner with La Rose Noire, and we believe that their return will bring even more high-quality and exquisite pastries and baked goods to our industry partners and consumers. Through our collaboration with La Rose Noire, we hope to help drive the development of the baking industry and take it to new heights."


La Rose Noire entered the Chinese market in 2003 and beganpartnering with Sinodis since 2010. Over the course of about seven years, La Rose Noire provided customers with exquisite pastries and bakery semi-finished and finished products that are comparable to those freshly made, establishing a solid brand reputation and influence in the market. Today, with the rapiddevelopment of the frozen bakery industry, the return of La Rose Noire will have a positive and profound impact on the entire industry. By offering mature and stable high-quality solutions, it will help high-end catering and hotel customers achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement, without affecting the appearance and taste of food.



Gérard Dubois, Founder and Chairman of La Rose Noire, is also very excited about the brand's return to the Chinese market. He stated, "In recent years, we have seen the rapid development and enormous potential of the frozen bakery market in China, as well as the demand for high-end frozen bakery semi-finished and finished products in the industry. This time, by partnering with Sinodis, we believe that through its diverse sales channels, we canbring La Rose Noire's rich and high-quality products to our customers and consumers, and jointly contribute to the long-term development of the healthy bakery industry."


La Rose Noire's frozen bakery series products are now available for sale in China. The first batch of products to enter the Chinese market covers seven best-selling categories, including tart shells, baskets, ice cream cones, chocolate shells, macarons, bread, and Danish pastries, meeting multiple needs of endcustomers with a wide range of product lines and superior quality.