SAVENCIA to Make its Third Appearance at CIIE with New Products Leading the Way to Better Food


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Shanghai, China, 5-10 November 2021 – At the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, global food group SAVENCIA Saveurs&Spécialité makes its third appearance showcasing a wide range of its well-known brands such as ELLE&VIRE PROFESSIONNEL, MILKANA, LESCURE, CORMAN, and VALRHONA.

The CIIE brings the world more opportunities for collaboration and shared benefit. On this global platform, SAVENCIA is pleased to showcase its premium products and the concept of sustainable development and engage in direct dialogue with industry and everyday consumers alike to better understand their specific needs,” said Jean-Baptiste van Elslande, General Manager of International Business Department of SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy.

With the consistent vision of “Leading the Way to Better Food,” SAVENCIA is committed to developing advanced food processes expertise based on innovation and sustainability and expects to continue enhancing consumers’ sense of delicacy experience. In recent years, SAVENCIA has made sustained breakthroughs in its business performance by adhering to consumer-oriented and quality-focused service. Going forward, SAVENCIA will continue to pursue business development in China to meet the growing market demands.

Four New Arrivals at the CIIE

The exhibition area of SAVENCIA this year, the largest one since the first CIIE, features SAVENCIA’s signature brands and product lines, with top chefs making bakery, pastry and desserts on the spot. SAVENCIA’s four new products to be announced at CIIE are developed in response to accurate insights into the Chinese market, as the focus of modern Chinese consumers shifts towards healthier and more personalized food.

ELLE&VIRE PROFESSIONNEL, as a popular brand among Chinese consumers, will unveil its two new products: ELLE&VIRE PROFESSIONNEL Sublime Cream with Mascarpone, which boasts excellent stability and good tolerance to freezing and thawing; and ELLE&VIRE PROFESSIONNEL spray whipping cream, an appetizing and non-greasyready-to-use cream product containing 8% white sugar. In addition to the iconic quality and taste of ELLE&VIRE PROFESSIONNEL, the two products can also form diverse cream shapes, which brings consumers a creative dessert experience with both visual and culinary pleasure.

In 2021, pure vegetarianism prevails in the dessert industry. In such context, by adhering to sustainability, VALRHONA, a chocolate brand affiliated with SAVENCIA, will launch the VALRHONAAmatika vegan chocolate, which is the first vegan chocolate from Madagascar with a single place of origin, thus bringing the pleasure of rediscovering desserts to food lovers seeking healthier natural ingredients. In addition, NOROHY, the vanilla brand that made its debut at CIIE last year, will launch its newest product, the NOROHY Vanilla Extract, to present the vanilla flavor with high quality and easy access.

With full confidence in the four new products, SAVENCIA expects to continue selecting high-quality food from all over the world in the future, to create more gustatory enjoyment in both quality and flavor for Chinese consumers.

In addition to the aforementioned products, SAVENCIA will also select a wide range of its star brands to be displayed at CIIE, including ELLE&VIRE PROFESSIONNEL – which covers diverse products categories such as cream, butter and cheese, VALRHONA Chocolate – which is favored by star chefs, CORMAN, known as the “butter expert”, and LESCURE, a century-old butter brand that debuted at CIIE last year. These products have been widely recognized and beloved by consumers and the food industry after being introduced into China.

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Enhanced operations in Chinese Market to seek Opportunities in the Dual Circulation Pattern

The Chinese government’s effective pandemic prevention and control measures alongside a dual circulation development pattern whereby domesticand foreign markets can boost each other’s growth make SAVENCIA optimistic about its development prospects in China. It hopes to enhance its operations in the Chinese market and is committed to long-term business development.

SAVENCIA, as a food group with a strong sense of industry mission and social responsibility, is concerned about and supportive of China’s pastry and bakery industry. In 2021, our brands ELLE&VIRE PROFESSIONNEL and VALRHONA supported the 3rd China Pastry Cup as its founding partners; CORMAN Butter supported the China regional competition of the Cup Louis LESAFFRE world baking competition. By virtue of these two competitions, SAVENCIA expects to help the pastry and bakery industry train more talent, thereby improving the professional standards and skills in China.

“China’s economy sustains its recovery with clear development goals and blueprint.  For many multinationals, it has become a key driving force for their income growth,” said Denis VERGNEAU, General Manager of Sinodis. Given the great development potential boosted by the dual circulation pattern, SAVENCIA will continue to focus on high-quality food to fulfill the demands of even more Chinese consumers.



SAVENCIA is an international, family-based and independent food group with a long-term vision. The world over, we deliver high quality products and premium brands and aim to meet the expectations of our consumers and support gastronomy professionals.

The Group hires 24,000 employees around the world and sells products in 120 countries and regions with a net sales revenue of €5.7 billion.

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