SAVENCIA becomes an independent exhibitor at CIIE for the first time, making its debut in CIIE as a centenary French butter brand


Shanghai, China, Nov. 7, 2020 -- At the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, global food group SAVENCIA makes it debut appearance at Booth 2.2 B5-02. SAVENCIA will showcase brands including ELLE & VIRE, CORMAN, VALRHONA, NOROHY and SOSA. At the Expo, SAVENCIA will present for the first time the EU AOP-certified premium butter LESCURE and the new product of ELLE & VIRE French cream cheese, and NOROHY brand.

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"CIIE’s being held as scheduled contributes to more possibilities of mutual benefits and win-win results. SAVENCIA is honored to be part of it,” said Philippe Jaegy, Asia President of SAVENCIA Fromage and Diary.

SAVENCIA espouses a vision of “Leading the way to better food”. “Leading the way” stress the accent we place innovation and sustainability to meet the needs of consumers across our business; "to better food" marks the Group’s will to contribute lastingly to mankind’s well-being.

"We come to CIIE with the expectation of further figuring out what our consumers really need, so that we can do better in offering selected brands and products around the world to Chinese consumers.” said Denis VERGNEAU, General Manager of SINODIS. “We hope that the CIIE will create a spillover effect, helping deliver our high-quality products to more Chinese households and develop healthy eating habit.”

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136-year-old French butter brand premiers in CIIE

By virtue of its precise insights on the Chinese catering market and consumers, SAVENCIA presents for the first time in Chinese mainland the butter brand LESCURE and the new product of ELLE & VIRE cream cheese. They bring different dessert-making experience and fresh tastes to both professional bakers and consumers.

Making its first appearance in Chinese mainland, LESCURE will bring with its authentic French flavor. Established in Charente, France in 1884, LESCURE butter is an EU AOP-certified brand. This is not only a guarantee of its place of origin and unique characteristics but is also the EU’s official endorsement of quality. Its unique flavor and super-strong ductility make LESCURE not only perfect for croissants and similar pastry desserts, but also enhance the richness of its butter taste.

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In contrast to LESCURE, ELLE & VIRE is a brand widely recognized and loved by Chinese consumers. The new ELLE & VIRE French cream cheese at CIIE is  made in France and from French milk, demonstrating the pure quality of Normandy dairy products. Using a formula that is free of any fused salt, the product keeps intact protein and other nutrients while providing a combination of refreshing milky taste and creamy fineness. It can be consumed salty or sweet, or whatever French flavor you prefer.

Selling, marketing and producing star brands through subsidiaries in China

There are Fromage & Dairy, Pastry and Demo Areas at the booth, with the main brands and products under SAVENCIA displayed to and dessert samples and fashionable recipes shared with visitors. 

ILE De FRANCE in the Fromage & Dairy area is a famous cheese brand designed for markets out of Europe. With rich milk flavor, its products are high-quality choices for new customers. Here also comes other notable brands, like ELLE & VIRE with products of creams, butters, cheeses and deserts, “cheese expert” CORMAN, and MILKANA. SAVENCIA selected products perfectly suitable for the Chinese market so that French cuisine can be successfully accepted by Chinese households. This is why NOROHY, a premium organic vanilla brand from Madagascar, and another French chocolate brand Weiss that will enter the Chinese market soon, have their debut at CIIE, in addition to widely famous chocolate brand of VALRHONA and low-fat and low-sugar brand of Sosa.

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In addition to importing and distributing brands and products under SAVENCIA in food service sector, SINODIS, as a subsidiary of SAVENCIA, has put together high-quality products and premium brands from all over the world. It will bring safe, healthy and quality products to Chinese consumers and help them start a healthy life in a fresh way. Through BSI (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd, SAVENCIA experts have done researches and gradually created products that satisfy the tastes of Chinese consumers: they have specially developed lollipops for Chinese children aged 3 to 9. In 2020, SAVENCIA also established GERARD (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd. to provide cheese for Quick Service Restaurants. 


SAVENCIA is an international, family-based and independent food group with a long-term vision. The world over, we deliver high quality products and premium brands and aim to meet the expectations of our consumers and support gastronomy professionals. The Group hires 23,100 employees around the world, and sells products in 120 countries and regions with a net sales revenue of €5.5 billion. SAVENCIA Fromage and Dairy, a subsidiary of SAVENCIA Saveurs & Spécialités, is a major player in milk-processing and is a world-famous specialty cheese manufacturer.