SOSA Glucose syrup 7 KG

Country of origin: SPAIN

Shelf life: 2 YEARS

unit: 7KG

Packing specifications:2×7KG

product code: SOS0101

Do not consume directly.

Glucose syrup derived from starch. Prevents recrystallisation of the sugar in sweets and gummies. It provides elasticity and keeps products such as pastries, icings and truffles tender. 75 gr powdered sugar substitutes 100g liquid glucose. Emulsifier: 2-3 g / kg Antifreeze: 5-10 g / kg (1 g = 4 g of sugar) * * This product may be under national regulations

anti-crystallization, improve elasticity and keep fresh feature.Glazes: better flexibility and moisturizing, make glazes more shininess and colorful. Pate de Fruit: make candy sticky, softer, better anti-crystallization and humidity retention, more colorful and fruity flavor prominent.Raw material: more thickness and lower sweetness

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